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Feature: Chinese companies help Cuba develop table tennis******

by Yosley Carrero。

HAVANA, Dec. 14 (Xinhua) -- Cuban table tennis players have benefited from sports equipment donated by Chinese companies over the past few years.。

Among them is Shely Delgado, who won the women's singles gold medal at the National Tennis Championship in 2019.。

The 22-year-old is now training hard at Cerro Pelado center for elite athletes in Havana ahead of a regional competition slated to take place on the island next year.。

"The quality of the Chinese equipment are very high," she said, adding that "our conditions for training have very much improved."

The donation included rackets, balls, tables, nets as well as footwear and clothing.。

Angel Antonio Rodriguez, secretary of the Cuban Table Tennis Federation, said that the Chinese companies have not only helped Cuba with the donation of the state-of-the-art equipment but with field training in China.。

"Chinese table tennis players are a global reference for us. There are many things that we can learn from them," he said.。

Cuba's national table tennis team resumed training in September after an 18-month hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.。

Among its members is 18-year-old Adrian Perez, who will participate in a tournament in Venezuela in the coming weeks.。

"I am back in action trying to get in good shape," he said. "We want to be part of the table tennis' takeoff on the island."

In the past few years, Cuban table tennis players have excelled in the 2018 Barranquilla Central American and Caribbean Games and Lima 2019 Pan American Games.。

In addition, two Cuban table tennis players qualified for the Tokyo Olympics held in 2021.。

Yang Longchuan, chief of the Beijing North Star in Cuba, told Xinhua that the Chinese company has been a partner of Cuba's Institute of Sports, Physical Education, and Recreation for many years.。

"Taking the Cuban athletes to China is aimed to enhance their skills through face-to-face exchanges with the Chinese athletes, and therefore achieve better results in further competitions," Yang said. Enditem。

女子称“被迫成为法院领导干部的玩具” 官方网:罗某已停职接受调查******


南都新闻记者注意到,11月22日,泰州市亭湖区纪委监委通告称,现阶段,亭湖区老百姓法院政治工作部办公室副主任 罗真已革职接受组织调查。




南都新闻记者 马铭隆。



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China greenlights 2 sci******

BEIJING, Oct. 23 (Xinhua) -- China's securities regulator has approved the initial public offerings (IPOs) of two companies on the science and technology innovation board.

Actions Technology Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Yunlu Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd. will be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange's sci-tech innovation board, commonly known as the STAR market, according to the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

The companies and their underwriters will confirm the dates of the IPO and publish prospectuses following discussions with the stock exchange.

The STAR market, inaugurated in June 2019 and designed to support companies in the high-tech and strategic emerging sectors, has eased its listing criteria but adopted higher requirements for information disclosure. Enditem

Atletico Mineiro win first Brazilian Serie A title in 50 years******

SALVADOR, Brazil, Dec. 2 (Xinhua) -- Atletico Mineiro clinched their first Brazilian Serie A title in 50 years on Thursday after recovering from a two-goal deficit to secure a 3-2 victory at Bahia.。

After a goalless first half, Luiz Otavio and Gilberto appeared to end any hope of an Atletico victory at the Fonte Nova Arena when they scored twice in quick succession.。

Hulk reduced the deficit with a 73rd-minute penalty before Marcos Keno struck twice in three minutes to hand Atletico the lead.。

The Belo Horizonte outfit survived a tense final 15 minutes to clinch their 25th win of the campaign and take an unassailable 11-point lead over second-placed Flamengo.。

It was Atletico's second Brazilian top flight title and capped off a memorable year for manager Cuca, who took charge of the club for a second time in March.。

"We had a magical year ... the fans have to be proud," said Cuca, who led Atletico to the 2013 Copa Libertadores title during his first spell as manager. "To be champions and to win it the way we did was everything we wanted to crown what has been a great year."

Veteran forward Hulk, who has scored 33 goals in all competitions since joining Atletico from Shanghai SIPG in January, was overjoyed at clinching his first Brazilian league title.。

"I started my professional career here in Salvador when I arrived at Vitoria as a 16-year-old," the 35-year-old said. "To come back to where it all began and celebrate this title with a club that hasn't won for 50 years is a wonderful feeling." Enditem。



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