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West Ham brush past Villa to make it closer at top, Leeds claim three vital points******

LONDON, Oct. 31 (Xinhua) -- West Ham United highlighted their excellent moment of form with a 4-1 win away to Aston Villa in the English Premier League on Sunday.。

The victory keeps them fourth in the table but draws them level on points with third place Manchester City and puts them just two behind Liverpool and five behind league leaders Chelsea.。

Defender Ben Johnson put West Ham ahead after just seven minutes when he cut inside and scored with a low shot and although Ollie Watkins drew Aston Villa level in the 34th minute, it was a false hope for the home side.。

Declan Rice deservedly put West Ham back ahead just four minutes later and Villa's task was made much harder when Ezil Konsa was sent off five minutes into the break.。

Playing with 10 men, the home side tired in the closing minutes allowing Pablo Fornals and Jarrod Bowen to add two more goals in the closing minutes.。

Leeds United claimed their second win of the season as Rodrigo's 60th minute shot, with the aid of an error from Norwich coach Tim Krul gave them a 2-1 win in Carrow Road.。

All of the goals came in a frantic four-minute spell with Raphinha putting Leeds in front on 56 minutes, before Andrew Omobamidele's header two minutes later gave Norwich hopes of their first triumph of the campaign.。

On Saturday, Chelsea won 3-0 away to Newcastle United, while Manchester City lost 2-0 at home to Crystal Palace and Liverpool were also held to a surprise 2-2 draw at home to Brighton. Enditem。

US life expectancy saw huge drop in 2020 due to COVID******


OptimuMedicine-registered nurse Allison Anderson (left) gives Chuck Struckness of Nevada a Pfizer-BioNTech booster shot at a pop-up COVID-19 vaccination clinic at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club on December 21 in Las Vegas.。

US life expectancy dropped by 1.8 years in 2020, final official figures showed on Wednesday, the steepest drop in more than 75 years driven in large part by the COVID-19 pandemic.。

Life expectancy at birth was 77.0 years for the total US population last year, down from 78.8 years in 2019, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.。

Among men it was 74.2 years, while for women the figure was 79.9 years.。

Overall, COVID-19 was the third-leading cause of death, accounting for 350,000 fatalities, just over a tenth of all registered deaths, said a CDC report, which finalized preliminary findings from July.。

Some other causes of death also increased, possibly linked to difficulties accessing health care brought about by the pandemic. For the first time, diabetes deaths topped 100,000, while accidental/unintentional injury deaths topped 200,000 – also a first.。

The latest data comes after the US Census Bureau released a statement that said the pandemic drove population growth to its lowest rate in history, due in part to deaths from the virus and a drop in immigration.。

For the 12 months ended July 1, the population of the United States grew by 392,665 or just 0.1 percent, "the lowest rate since the nation's founding," the agency said in a statement.。

"Population growth has been slowing for years because of lower birth rates and decreasing net international migration, all while mortality rates are rising due to the aging of the nation's population," said Kristie Wilder, a demographer in the Population Division at the Census Bureau.。

"Now, with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, this combination has resulted in a historically slow pace of growth."

Even with the decline in immigration over the latest 12-month period, the net international migration of 244,622 for the first time ever exceeded the "natural increase" of US births over deaths – 148,043 in 2020 – the agency said.。

Due to delays in crunching the numbers caused by the pandemic, the Census Bureau's latest population report used blended data incorporating estimates from the once-a-decade 2020 census with other sources, including birth, death and migration records.。

Between 2020 and 2021, 33 states saw population increases and 17 states and the District of Columbia lost population, 11 of which had losses of over 10,000 people, the agency said, calling it "a historically large" number of states losing residents.。

A separate analysis showed Texas had the biggest population increase at 1.1 percent, mostly due to domestic migration to the state and rising net birth rates.。

New York showed the biggest decline, falling 1.6 percent in the year, mostly due to domestic migration out of the state, the agency said.。

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受沙尘影响 陕北部分时段可能出现重度或以上污染******





  华商报记者 任婷



尼康发布Z系列产品旗舰机型 全画幅微单数码相机Z 9******

    nikon公布选用nikonZ接口的全画幅(nikonFX文件格式)微单反数码照相机nikonZ 9。这款照相机于2021年3月10日开发设计公布。Z 9是nikonZ系列产品微单反数码照相机的旗舰级型号,汇聚了nikon的领跑技术性,给予性能卓越的相片视频特性。归功于新研发的局部变量式CMOS图像感应器和EXPEED 7影像处理器,完成尼康相机强劲的对焦特性。对焦系统软件可在相片摄影和录制视频时检验9种类别的摄影目标:人,狗,猫,鸟,单车,摩托,车辆,列车和飞机场。应用该对焦系统软件,能够靠谱地捕获不一样拍攝主题风格的决定性瞬间。

    有关录制视频,Z 9能够在没有应用外录机器设备的情形下,在照相机内的储存卡上视频录制8K UHD/30p*1视频长达约12五分钟*2。还能够视频录制4K UHD/120p/60p/30p视频,以相互配合影象作者的各种各样视频后期制作。选用的4轴竖直/水准可翻转显示器,不管在竖直或水平方向均可从高视角或低视角完成拍攝,明显提升 客户的便捷性。除此之外,Z 9选用了超过传统式电子光学取景框(OVF)和电子取景器(EVF)特性的即时取景框。与传统式无死机拍攝为了更好地避免取景框图象终断而表明同一帧不一样,此取景框能够不断表明情景中被摄体的合理健身运动,因而拍攝时能够顺畅持续地确定每一个一瞬间,沒有跳帧或丧失视线*3。

    Z 9具备比过去nikon数码快印单反和微单数码照相机大量的基本功能和更性能卓越,即便 在繁杂标准下也可以持续,自信心地捕获决定性瞬间。Z 9适用活跃性在不一样行业的技术专业摄影和影象作者的主要表现,从体育文化,新闻报道到商业服务时尚潮流拍攝。


*1 只限根据FX的视频文件格式。

*2 在 23°C的环境温度下,应用EN-EL18d充电电池锂电池组,开机后马上逐渐录影时。提议应用载入速度更快的B型CFexpress卡录视频。

*3 取景框图象的光滑度会因单反快门速度等设定的差异而异。



    该照相机运用新产品研发的深度神经网络技术性,选用优秀的优化算法,可探测9种类别的摄影目标*1,包含鸟,单车,摩托,车辆,列车和飞机场,及其传统式的猫,狗与人。挑选“全自动”目标检验选择项时,能够在没有变更使用的情形下自动识别并调焦在这种行为主体上。应用眼周探测对焦时,照相机比过去更合理地检验并调焦于拍攝目标的双眼,即便 在界面中的占比不大也是这般。在对焦没法检验到双眼或面部的情形下,检验会全自动迁移到头顶部或上身,以维持对被摄目标的调焦。

    Z 9给予3D追踪作用做为对焦地区方式选择项。即便 在拍攝目标迅速活动的场面中,也可以再次追踪拍攝行为主体。Z 9还完善了动态性范围对焦方式,给予3种不一样尺寸的调焦地区(S/M/L),针对应用固定不动构图法拍攝时很有协助。拍攝相片时,应用[快速界面捕获 ]*2能够达到约120幅/秒的速率拍攝约1,一百万清晰度的图象,可以捕捉人眼基本难以见到的一瞬间。

*1  目标探测在宽地区对焦 (S) 和 (L),全自动地区对焦,3D追踪和物体追踪对焦(录制视频)方式下运行。



    8K UHD/30p视频可在照相机内的储存卡上视频录制较多约12五分钟。运用尼克尔Z S-型*1可拆换摄像镜头令人震惊的屏幕分辨率,8K UHD/30p视频完成了震惊的边沿到边沿3D渲染特性和拓展录制视频。还能够视频录制4K UHD/120p/60p/30p视频。因为4K UHD/120p可以在没有裁剪的情形下建立戏剧化的慢镜头,因而能够在维持同样角度的与此同时,编写以不一样帧速率视频录制的素材图片。还能够在照相机内视频录制10位N-Log和HLG(混和多数伽马)*2,除此之外,兼容 ProRes 422 HQ 视频录制文件格式*3,达到视频后期制作的普遍要求。9种不一样目标种类的探测范畴也可用以录制视频。

*1 S-型——是尼克尔Z高級摄像镜头,具备优异的电子光学特性,遵循标准的设计思路和质量管理。

*2 仅当 [视频文件格式种类] 挑选为 [H.265 10位 (MOV)] 时可以用。

*3 最大兼容4K/60p,不包括Full HD/24p,25p和30p。


    归功于nikon的双工作流技术,新研发的局部变量式CMOS图像感应器和新的EXPEED 7影像处理器,能够与此同时解决电子取景器(EVF)和LCD显示屏上表明的影象,及其同歩纪录相片拍攝数据信息。与传统式无死机拍攝为了更好地避免取景框图象终断而表明同一帧不一样,此取景框能够不断表明情景中被摄体的合理健身运动,因而拍攝时能够顺畅持续地确定每一个一瞬间,沒有跳帧或丧失视线。因为即便 在短期内反复连拍时也可以完成这一点,因而合适制作必须 追踪迅速挪动目标的情景,比如在拍攝健身运动期内,可以靠谱地捕获幸福时时刻刻,而不容易错过了快速门机遇。除此之外,取景框选用Quad-VGA控制面板,色度可手动式提高至3000cd/m2,即便 在户外较明显阳光底下拍攝,客户也可以清楚地确定拍攝目标。



    Z 9给予nikon可靠性高质量,具备与nikonD6(2020年6月公布)非常的优异牢固性,在工作温度不少于-10℃的操作温度下,它也可以承担繁杂的标准,并能够更好地适用专业人员的拍攝要求。



·。 约4,57一万合理清晰度给予高像素,可充分发挥尼克尔Z接口摄像镜头的性能卓越。

· 效率高RAW*1给予与传统式未缩小RAW同样水准的高质量图象,图片大小约为传统式未缩小RAW的约1/3。

· 以JPEG和RAW文件文件格式以约20幅/秒的速率连拍1000张*2之上的图象。

· 影象感应器防污对策给予双向镀层和感应器防护罩。

· 适用ISO 64iso感光度和1/32000秒的单反快门速度,扩张迅速摄像镜头的艺术创意表述范畴。

· 勿扰模式大幅度缓解照相机内/摄像镜头内VR避震的实际操作响声,因而可拍攝戏剧表演,记者招待会和婚宴等室内集体游戏。

· 电子快门的响声能够设定为三个不一样的声音等级,以在人像拍摄等情景中通告拍攝目标快速门释放出来。

· 兼容载入速率迅速的B型CFexpress储存卡,适用8K UHD录制视频和高清晰度快速连拍。

· 适用多种多样图象传送作用,兼容1000BASE-T有线电视局域网络和内嵌无线网络。

· 选用一体式竖直竖拍巴掌柄设计方案,容积比nikonD6小约20%。

*1  应用[效率高RAW]时。当应用[高效率RAW★]时,图片大小为传统式未缩小RAW的约1/2。

*2 应用尼克尔 Z 50mm f/1.8 S 摄像镜头和 ProGrade Digital Cobalt 1700R 325GB 储存卡时;在 [RAW JPEG] 或 [JPEG JPEG] 纪录中,连拍的延迟时间约为3秒;2021年内的固定件升级将进一步提高此作用。��。

○ 销售市场市场价:

Z 9机身:RMB 35,999元。

○ 逐渐市场销售时间:

Z 9机身:2021年内。

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