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Cultural China: Keeping a promise******

NANJING, Dec. 4 (Xinhua) -- Integrity is one of the most important traits in traditional Chinese culture. Confucius believes that honoring one's word, recognizing one's faults, and keeping one's promise are necessary for everyone to develop.。

In the Yanling Town of Danyang, east China's Jiangsu Province, there is a Jizi Temple built to honor Jizi, whose given name is Zha, the youngest son of Mengshou, the emperor of Wu during the Spring and Autumn period (770-476 B.C.).。

Jizi was a man of great moral integrity and famous for the story called "Jizi of Yanling Hangs up His Sword."

In 544 B.C., Jizi was sent to the ancient state of Lu as an envoy, passing through Xucheng, the capital of the ancient state of Xu, and was hospitalized by the Lord of Xu. Jizi once made a promise to himself that after he finished his diplomatic mission in the north, he would give his sword to the Lord of Xu, who admired it.。

But by the time he got back, the Lord of Xu had passed away. Therefore, Jizi went to Xu's tomb to worship and hung the sword on a willow tree in front of the tomb as a way to honor his vow.。

For more than 2,000 years, the story of Jizi has been passed down orally by the local people. People in Danyang built a Jizi Temple to honor his great contribution to Chinese culture and have practiced his virtues from generation to generation.。

Yin Siqi is a senior high school student in Danyang. She was abandoned by her parents when she was a little girl due to tuberculosis. Her grandfather, Yin Guohua, decided to raise her and took her to hospitals for treatment many times.。

Although life is difficult, Yin and her grandfather have fought against the odds. After meticulous treatment, she recovered from tuberculosis. Unfortunately, she needed spinal correction surgery as a result of tuberculosis complications. The treatment cost approximately 200,000 yuan (about 31,420 U.S. dollars), putting a significant financial burden on the family.。

After learning of this, the local government assisted them in raising money. They gathered more than 130,000 yuan. When they decided to go for surgery, fate once again played a prank on Yin Siqi.。

Through two joint consultations with experts and 11 days of hospitalization, doctors gave the result that the operation was quite risky with a cure cate of less than 10 percent. After much deliberation, Yin and her grandfather decided to give up the surgery.。

Though disappointed, they did not forget those who helped them. They made the decision to return the money.。

"We didn't expect to raise such a large sum of donations in such a short period of time, and we were so grateful," said Yin Guohua. "The money was raised for my granddaughter's surgery. We must return all of it because she was unable to receive the surgery. The good deeds of others will live on in our hearts forever."

Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Yin Guohua and Yin Siqi chose to do the right thing, following in the footsteps of Jizi. Enditem。

China claims two relay golds on final day of ISU World Cup Short Track Speed Skating in Beijing******

BEIJING, Oct. 24 (Xinhua) -- China claimed two gold medals in the 2,000m mixed relay and the 3,000m women's relay on the final day of the 2021-22 season ISU World Cup Short Track Speed Skating series in Beijing here on Sunday.

Team China, consisting of Fan Kexin, Zhang Yuting, Ren Ziwei and Wu Dajing, started from the furthest position on the track in the final, but Fan jumped to the top as soon as they ran into the very first corner.

The race was then perfectly paced for China as the skaters established a clear lead and gave the opponents no chances to close the gap to claim gold. South Korea overtook the Netherlands again to take silver, while the latter bagged bronze.

In the women's 3,000m relay, China, including Fan Kexin, Guo Yihan, Qu Chunyu and Zhang Yuting had a close duel with the Netherlands as China took the lead over the Dutch in the second-last lap and held to claim gold before both skaters stumbled through the line in an unusual finish.

The Netherlands and South Korea grabbed silver and bronze respectively.

"Everyone did their best during the race," said Guo. "We worked together to become the champion. I'm very excited."

In the men's 5,000 relay, China's Wu Dajing was blocked by Kim Dong-wook of South Korea and South Korea was penalized with a yellow card and a cancellation of their race result.

As the only two teams remaining hunting for the gold, the Netherlands led all the way to the finishing line ahead of world record holder Hungary. Italy took the bronze, while China failed to clock a valid time.

The women's 1,000m final was a relatively tame one compared to that of yesterday, as reigning Olympic champion Suzanne Schulting of the Netherlands held a solid lead from the beginning to pocket the gold. Kim Ji-yoo of South Korea and Kristen Santos of the United States finished second and third, respectively.

The men's 1,000m final saw world record holder Hwang Dae-heon of South Korea defended his dominance to collect the gold with a huge advantage. The newly crowned 1,500m World Cup winner Semen Elistratov of Russia finished second. Pascal Dion of Canada beat Kazuki Yoshinaga of Japan by a narrow 0.001 second to secure the bronze.

The ISU World Cup Short Track Speed Skating series will travel to Nagoya, Japan from October 28 to 31, before going to Europe for the last two events in Debrecen, Hungary and Dordrecht, the Netherlands on November 18 to 21, and 25 to 28, respectively. Enditem

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10月23日起 进入西安车站、西安北站需持48小时内核酸阴性证明******



  华商报记者 毛蜜娜



年轻人大屏电视好选择 OPPO智能电视K9 75英寸评测******

    在今年上半年,OPPO曾发布了对K套装,其中包括一款OPPO K9手机以及同名的OPPO智能电视K9,其中电视系列只有43英寸、55英寸、65英寸三款。而在今日的OPPO K9 Pro发布会上除了新手机外,OPPO智能电视K9也乘胜追击推出了75英寸版本,进一步完善超大屏电视的产品线,也为年轻用户又提供了大屏新选择。


    OPPO智能电视K9 75英寸采用直下式背光的LCD液晶平板电视,具备强劲的散热性能同时也兼具更好地节能功效。这款电视还通过HDR10+专业认证,支持动态元数据处理,大幅提升画面深度与真实感。93% DCI-P3广色域与DeltaE≈1.5的高色准带来完美显色,采用3840*2160分辨率、60Hz帧率的4K超清画质IPS硬屏。另外,这款电视也经过OPPO 蓝光团队调校,支持MEMC动态补偿,让色彩生动自然,过渡柔和。

    OPPO智能电视K9 75英寸

侧面看OPPO智能电视K9 75英寸厚度控制不错,机身依然十分纤薄


    由于整体采用了窄边框的全面设计,所以具备了95.24%的极致屏占比,带来更沉浸的观看体验。OPPO智能电视K9 75英寸的边框这次也升级为更窄的锖色金属边框,更具质感和视觉美感,配合现代家装风格,彰显简约优雅。

底部中间为OPPO LOGO以及信号接收模块


HDR 10+认证标识

    这款OPPO智能电视K9 75英寸是目前6000元以下少有的通过HDR10+认证的75英寸智能电视。HDR10+是新一代超高清电视的高画质标准,通过认证的显示设备,可提供显色更自然、还原更真实、对比更生动、色彩更丰富的观影效果,可提供更优质的视觉体验。


    无论你是影音发烧友还是游戏玩家,因为OPPO智能电视K9 75英寸的大屏幕能够带来更震撼的视觉体验外,还拥有丰富的接口,AV音视频输入、数字音频输出、网口、HDMI 2.1(兼容)、USB 2.0、DTMB等接口一应俱全,可连接主机、电脑、网络、U盘等外接设备,满足各种场景需求。


    OPPO智能电视K9 75英寸屏幕为IPS硬屏,可视角度水平178度,屏幕响应速度快,无拖影,色彩还原准确。同时,它还具备93% DCI-P3广色域,达到电影行业的色彩标准,能够精准呈现HDR10+格式的片源,展示更丰富的色彩层次和画质细节。


    在色准方面,OPPO智能电视K9 75英寸也达到DeltaE≈1.5专业级的显示器色准要求,精确色准能更好的还原更真是的色彩表现。

     OPPO智能电视K9 75英寸支持动态元数据处理,可针对每一个场景逐帧地提供信号,提升屏幕画面的深度和真实感,呈现更明亮或更深邃的画面效果。在观看一些高品质的4K片源时,有非常不错的表现,除了清晰度外,色彩表现也相对比较自然,颜色还原准确并且富有层次感,带来十分震撼的观看体验。




    OPPO智能电视K9 75英寸提供了丰富的图像模式,其实就相当于预设了不同的色彩风格。而这款电视仅支持HDR10+图像模式,可提供显色更自然、还原更真实、对比更生动、色彩更丰富的观影效果,提供优质的视觉体验。同样的视频画面中,在电视设置为HDR10+图像模式时,画面的色彩更加鲜明浓郁,同时阴影部分的层次感也更加明显。

OPPO智能电视K9 75英寸观看影片时声音效果

OPPO智能电视K9 75英寸播放音乐时声音效果

    在声音效果方面,OPPO智能电视K9 75英寸采用大功率双10W扬声器,最大功率达30W,声场更开阔,声音更大。同时,电视还支持杜比音效,在家就能打造私人影院级的音效体验。从上面的观看视频片段来看,OPPO智能电视K9 75英寸能感受到明显的立体声,并且声音很饱满浑厚,人物说话也没有那种过于干扁的感觉,高频的人声和低频的背景声有明显的分离,声音听上去很有层次感;而在听音乐时,也有非常好的低音表现,很适合年轻人在家直接用电视直接来听动感的音乐。

系统简介易用 智慧互联很方便

    这次OPPO智能电视K9 75英寸使用了最新的ColorOS TV 2.2系统,因为使用了1080p的UI界面,首先观看效果就非常清晰,其次也延续OPPO手机无边界的UI风格,带来轻快无边界的界面、营造立体多维的内容陈列效果,带来聚焦内容的沉浸感、流畅快速的交互感受。

ColorOS TV 2.2系统

    在ColorOS TV 2.2系统的支持下,OPPO智能电视K9 75英寸的整体交互与使用都非常的直观与简洁,首屏可露出下方的应用,方便我们快速发现并找到常用应用。而屏幕上方的状态栏新增天气显示,增加设备状态,U盘连接、手机互联状态一目了然。

2GB RAM+32GB ROM超大内存,内置丰富应用



手机画面直接投屏到OPPO智能电视K9 75英寸,并且非常顺畅


    在智慧互联方面,首先OPPO智能电视K9 75英寸支持多种投屏形式,可满足我们在生活中各种的使用场景,比如四路投屏功能,可以包括自己在内最多4人同时通过投屏一起玩游戏。手机和电视的互联方式上也十分简单,首次进行投屏操作时,在保障OPPO智能电视与OPPO手机在同一WiFi网络环境以及开启蓝牙的前提下,我们只需在手机的下拉快捷菜单中选择“手机投屏”功能,然后与OPPO智能电视K9 75英寸进行配对就可直接进行投屏。 


    除了在手机上选择投屏外,我们还可以直接用NFC一碰闪投进行投屏,只需将电视遥控器与OPPO手机轻轻碰一下即可。NFC一碰闪投扩展支持应用场景智能识别,快速触发手机音乐、屏幕镜像投屏至电视 ,实现多场景下的闪投。

真无线耳机与OPPO智能电视K9 75英寸互联

    打开电视的蓝牙功能,同时打开真无线耳机的耳机盒盒就能让OPPO智能电视K9 75英寸与OPPO真无线耳机快速进行配对,在电视上也会提示连接成功,并且在电视右上角会显示一个耳机的小图标来表示目前处于与耳机连接状态中。





   总的来说,OPPO智能电视K9 75英寸集合4K大屏与出色的技术规格,比如93% DCI-P3广色域与DeltaE≈1.5的高色准带,以及HDR10+专业认证,作为一款售价仅为5799元的75英寸电视来说,非常划算。同时在智慧互联方面,OPPO智能电视K9 75英寸无论是连接的稳定性、易用性、功能性等方面都已经做到了十分的成熟,大大扩展了电视的用途,绝对是年轻人第一台大屏智能电视的好选择。

美方称蔡英文主张"维持现状" 专家:维持的是何现状?


2.经纬纺机拟出售北京朝阳区房产 首次挂牌价格不低于1亿元



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